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Effusion Shower

Manual massage under a hot water shower (37°C).

Classic Massage

Whole body massage which works on all muscular groups or local massage against localised strains.

Peeling & Foam Massage

Foam massage is offered after massage, to remove the massage oil and relax muscles. The 'Kese (the rough cloth mitt carried in the soap case), not only cleanses the pores, but delivers a bracing massage.

Hot Stone Therapy

An alternative and special kind of massage made with hot and cold stones. Providing a synergistic effect for mind, body & spirit.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot reflexology allows an evaluation of the energetic state of the body. Applying pressure on specific points balances all the organs of the body.

Relaxion Massage

Giving a soft massage to the whole body for a deep relaxation.

Sports Massage

Application of a deep massage to the muscles before or after exercising.

Balinese Massage

It’s a traditional massage done with essences. It is recommended to relieve stress, to relax the muscles.

Thai Massage

The main effects of traditional Thai massage are felt at a spiritual level. Being oriented towards prevention it offers the stressed-out Westerner internal balance, calm and regeneration as well as harmonisation of the usually overstrained nervous system.




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