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Side means pomegranate and looks back on an approximately 3500 years long history. In the ancient times it was an important harbour city in the region Pamphylia. The ancient Side is located on a flat peninsula with harbour. The remains of the ancient city walls, a Byzantine basilica, agora and the museum are absolutely worth seeing and make Side a magnificent open-air museum. Apollon Temple is a popular photo motif due to the exposed location. In ancient amphitheater with 15000 seats that has been extensively renovated, operas, concerts and theater events are listed.


Manavgat is located between the Taurus Mountains and the Manavgat River. Because of the tourism Manavgat grew from a small village to a big city. The river with the BIG WATERFALL (büyük şelale) and SMALL WATERFALL (küçük şelale) is a popular tourist destination. About 6 km past the falls are the ruins of the ancient city SELEUCIA, with many buildings still recognisable. Manavgat is also known for its large spice and textile BAZAAR, which takes place every week on Monday and Thursday.


Köprülü Canyon is a canyon and a National Park in the Province of Antalya, about 65 km far away from Turquoise Hotel. The canyon is 400 m deep in some places and stretches for 14 km along the Köprü River. There is a long Seljuk bridge with Roman foundations humpbacks over the Köprü River. The biggest RAFTING center in Turkey is located at the Köprü River. There are also hiking, trekking and rafting opportunities in the area.

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